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Axes scientifiques - LabEx MiChem


Paris Diderot

Axes scientifiques

Frontiers in Chemistry : New Theoretical Methods

Dr. Olivier Parisel

Frontiers in Chemistry : New Methods for Synthesis

Prof. Matthieu Sollogoub

Frontiers in Chemistry : Advanced Instrumentation

Prof. Jan Lüning

THEME I : Chemistry for Health

Dr. Anne Vessières-Jaouen

THEME II : Chemistry and Environment

Prof. François Rochet


THEME III : Interstellar and Planetary Chemistry

Dr. Philippe Parent

Theme IV: Nanochemistry for Energy and Information Technology

Prof. Christophe Petit, Prof. Anna Proust

Theme V: Chemistry and Cultural Heritage

Dr. Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet


The MiChem Educational Project

Prof. Bernold Hasenknopf

Atika Bentayeb - 14/03/12